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Interview with Patta


What is Patta these days? Is it just a sneaker store or more of a streetwear brand?

Patta has always strived to be more than „just a sneaker store”. We are also a creative platform for local and international music, art, fashion, events, distribution, as well as being a brand.

How many people are in the company right now and who is responsible for what. Can you introduce us to the whole Team Patta?

At the moment, the core consists of eight people: Owners Edson and Gee, buyer Massimo, store manager Tim, store employee Virgil, assistant manager Danny, creative director Vincent van de Waal and myself (Masta Lee), media director and designer. There’s also Walid and Gary at Distribution, and we have many Patta associates in various fields.

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It’s been while since you’ve changed your store location and reopened the shop. Do you think you recovered yet and are you content with the current situation? Do you know where you’ve made a mistake?

It actually hasn’t been that long, we relocated to our current location in October 2012. It took a little while to get used to, but in the end it’s all for the better and we are very content with our current store, as well as the area it’s situated in. Mistakes need to be made to improve and move ahead, it’s all good.

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How does the business structure looks like in your company? What’s the driving force of Patta? Is it your online store, your own brand distribution or a physical store?

Everything has it’s ups and downs, pros and cons, there are really no particular elements to point out. Freedom, creativity, interest and hard work is what drives us to solidify our place as a brand, as well as a company.

How do you see yourselves in, let’s say, two years? What would be the direction of your development?

It’s hard to tell. Needless to say we do have future plans, but the climate of the business we are in changes all the time. It’s best to not look too deep into it and move with the motions we feel comfortable and confident in.

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Patta was famous for its collaborations with Nike, Asics and adidas Originals, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen projects like that for a while. What happened? Did the big companies resigned from cooperation or did you give yourselves a miss?

There are various factors that come into play that the outside world might not be aware of. For one, working on collaborations is a long process and time investment from drawing board to physical release of the product. Our priority was to get our business side of things straight first, then pick up where we left off. Our focus at the moment is our own brand and product range. That being said, in the past year we have still collaborated with the likes of Converse, Stüssy, Uncommon and our partnership with KangaROOS, which produced one of Kanye West’s favorite shoes. For our 10 year anniversary next year we will have more exciting projects coming.

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Do you pay much attention to the internet advertising, social media and getting/remaining in touch with sites like Hypebeast or Higsnobiety?

Advertising not so much, but social media and streetwear websites we definitely do keep an eye on. It is a fast and efficient way to get feedback and a sense of what’s going on in this streetwear bubble we live in.

Is global activity is important for you or do you prefer to work locally in Amsterdam and promote your store there?

Global activity has always been important to us, even before the inception of Patta. We are based in Amsterdam, but have always been travelling, meeting like-minded people and finding nice things overseas. This all helped in the success of Patta and we like to give back on a worldwide scale instead of keeping it local only, The Netherlands is way too small for that.

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Do you think that sneaker/streetwear scene in Amsterdam stands out from the European one, or that maybe everything everywhere is going in the same direction? Is this scene showing or losing interest?

The world is a much smaller place now that we have so much information and products readily available at the tip of our fingers. The interest is still there, but I think we’re dealing with very short attention spans, interests can shift very quickly nowadays. I think every city still has its own nuances and stands out in its own way though.

Do you have any message to our readers and possibly you future customers?

Thank you very much for your time and interest. Please keep an eye out on our 10th anniversary coming up and stay in touch with us via social media www.patta.nl

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